The Questers Organization

The Questers headquarters resides in a federal period three-story brick building certified by the Philadelphia Commission as historically significant to the area.

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History of the Questers House

Headquarters is located at

210 South Quince Street, Philadelphia, PA 19107-5534.

The telephone number is 215 923 5183.

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This special organization springs forth to form new chapters when eight or more people gather to gain new friendships, discuss the fascinating topics of antiques and history, and to share their collections and personal knowledge with many others.

Each Chapter chooses a name from an historic item, person, site, or happening. Their short description of their Chapter name is written and placed in the "What's In A Name" file.

Chapters come together to form their State and Provincial Quester Organizations which in turn all combine to make up the total International Quester Organization.

Questers are governed by International Bylaws with States, Provinces, and Chapters retaining their own Bylaws accepted by International Questers. The Questers exist and operate as a non- profit 501 (c) (3) organization.

Chapter, State/Provincial, and International Officers are elected to serve two-year terms and preside over their respective meetings. Chapters customarily hold nine monthly meetings in homes during the year. States and Provinces generally have an annual business meeting in the fall and a luncheon meeting in the spring of each year.

International Questers hold an annual spring Convention hosted in different areas by a particular state province. International Quester Officers attend three Board Meetings each year with two at the Headquarters Building and the third at the Convention site. All Quester Officers serve to further the objectives and purposes of the Organization, and to aid in its administrative functions.

The Purposes of this Organization are to educate by research and study of antiques and to donate funds to the preservation and restoration of artifacts, existing memorials, historic buildings, landmarks, and educational purposes.

Active members pay annual International dues of $28.00 which are allocated to: (a) the International Preservation and Restoration Fund; (b) the costs of publishing "THE QUESTER QUARTERLY"; (c) the per capita allotment to the State or Provincial Organization within each Chartered State or Province; (d) the operation of the International Headquarters; and (e) other general and administrative expenses. Chapters set their own dues.

During the International President's term, the President recommends a Preservation and Restoration (P & R) project using monies in the P & R Fund which come from dues.

The President's 2001 choice, with the vote of the Executive Board and Council, granted $30,000.00 toward the restoration of the McCarthy Homestead Cabin in Glacier NationalPark, Montana. In the second year of the President's term, P & R funds are awarded to the winning Chapters who applied for grants for their P & R Project. In April 2010, 26 grants amounting to $97,297.71 were awarded. These projects ranged from acquisitions for Mahaffie Stagecoach Stop and Farm Museum to restoration of Fuquary Springs Post Office.

Members, States, and Provinces make voluntary donations to support a two-year scholarship ($17,000 per year) for a Master of Science Degree in Historic Preservation who has been accepted at Columbia University, and a three-year Fellowship ($40,000 per fellowship) for a Master of Science Degree in Art Conservation to a student who has been accepted at University of Delaware Winterarthur.

Quester Funds which are supported by voluntary donations include: Scholarship Fund/Columbia University, Fellowship Fund/Winterthur/University of Delaware, International Grants Fund, Preservation and Restoration Fund, HeadquartersMaintenance Fund, and the Educational Resources Fund (Library, Slide & Video Programs, Study Papers).

The Questers publish their newsletter, THE QUESTER QUARTERLY, four times a year. Twenty States/Provinces publish their own newsletters two to four times annually.

Bess BardensThe Questers present an annual Founder's Award, given in memory of our Founder, Jessie Elizabeth Bardens, which is the highest honor for research conferred on Questers by fellow members.

The 2012 Founders Award topic is: "Healing Springs of Arkansas".

Quester Members embody the excitement of searching for that perfect treasure, the love of learning about antiques, the interest in history, the joy of working on preservation and restoration projects, and take special pride in aiding in the education of Preservationists and Conservators who will professionally care for our history, artifacts, and sites.

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